Philadelphia based SLW Portraits‘ Artist and Children’s Book Illustrator, Shawnna L. Williams, passionately brings book authors’ visions to life and creates lifelong mementos for friends and families with custom Oil painted and Pencil-drawn portraits.

Prior to illustrating Brown Girl, 2018 by Daphnie Glenn, her most recent book illustrations include, Brown Boy, 2017 by Daphnie Glenn, Aaron Goes to the Police Station, 2016 (Cover), by Nahjee Grant, and My Two Dads, 2016, by Alphonso Buie.

When she’s not illustrating books, or creating artwork for national and international clientele, Shawnna’s personal works are inspired by resilient, misrepresented and underrepresented groups of people in art and media. She aims to inspire viewers from all walks of life to relate to our common humanity and celebrate our diverse uniqueness.

Her most recent solo exhibition, “Scars and the Healing Process: from the Individual to the Collective” was in November 2017 at the Urban Art Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

SLW Portraits was recently featured as a vendor during the 2018 Black Star Film Festival.

Connect with her and view more work on Instagram @drawn2paint, Facebook @SLW Portraits or email at [email protected].